Shopping for a laptop or a desktop is a pretty daunting task.

The number of computers laptops rather it be, PC or Mac that are available online or in a store’s electronic section is enough to make your mind spin. Most people have a general idea of what their laptop or desktop should look like and, what that desktop or laptop should do. The first thing you need to consider is what you need in the laptop or desktop is:

  • Are you looking for something to compete on the gaming grid?
  • The work place or, something for your home?
  • Will you be using your desktop or laptop with a program that requires lots of power and ram to run a program like Photoshop? Then a discrete graphics card and big screen are necessary components in the desktop or laptop you choose.
  • Are you going to want the Intel i3, i5 or the i7 processor?
  • Will you need four, eight or sixteen gigs of ram?

Once you figure all this out, you are going to have to ask yourself what brand and model do you want for your needs. Are you going to want a Dell, a HP, a Gateway? Maybe Acer? Or,  a Mac? Whatever it is that you do decide, I do believe you get what you pay for. So, plan on spending $1000 or more.

Remember: If you are going to buy an all-in-one or a laptop, please buy the extended warranty.

Then you have to think of what all software you want on your desktop or laptop. Some of them come with a bundle of software but, it’s usually only good for sixty days. For anti-virus, which office product you want.  Then there is adobe. I recommend   that you keep your computer up to date. Keep your adobe reader and flash up to date.

Let’s talk processors

The processor is the brain of the computer. It provides the power your home, business or gaming computer needs to perform to what you are looking for. The processor should be the foundation on which you build your computer. Most Intel processors, i3, i5 or i7 will provide a good base level of graphics and audio for your computer. Look for a processor that has multiple cores and higher speeds, as both of these features will improve the computer’s performance. Dedicated graphic and audio cards can increase the  processing power for audio and graphical performance. If you decide for graphical or audio upgrades on basic systems, you will generally get enough power to do beginning-level gaming on your home or business computer.

Let’s talk ram or memory                                                                             

Home media files, such as, photos, music and, movies take up large portions of hard drive space, and you’ll need a desktop computer with a very large hard drive to hold all of your files.  Many desktop tower computers have open hard drive bays that allow you to add an additional hard drive in the future for further storage space.

Memory is also important.

RAM is the lifeblood of any good home computer, and a lack of RAM will bog down your computer’s speed. Generally, 8GB of RAM is enough to run a majority of basic programs smoothly. You’ll want about 16GB, and anything above. 16GB is generally only needed if you want to do high-end gaming.


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