Mac repair is a full service Apple Repair that is an authorize service provider which will offer the best repair services for your Mac. Computer Repair of Temecula will offer these services and options at a cheap and affordable price that you have never imagined of. This service usually takes around one to two days whereby a “a next queue” rush saves your time by requiring our online service request before you bring your machine for repair.


We are the best Mac Repair in Temecula. We encourage everyone to make sure that your Apple technician is certified like we are. Ask them to show you their certification from Apple. Please remember that we do offer quality and affordable service with a high team of profession that has experience in Mac Repair, iMac Repair, MacBook and, MacBook Pro.  We do perform repairs on liquid spill, where by your Mac is spilled with liquid and its operation is affected, (think no more, we have a solution for that) physical spill, physical drop or other. Since we first launched our company in 1998. The typical accidents that we deal with the following issues which are liquid spills, cracked display or glass, case dent, crack and failed hard disk.


Computer Repair of Temecula has different views on how to deal with accidental repairs from the flat rate repairs offered by other providers. We never lack solution to any problems that might be affecting your Mac computer. Computer Repairs of Temecula will focus on repairing the affected body parts only and we will use the very best and original spare parts available in the market. The parts which have malfunctions and only those which at last will result in significantly cost saving to the customers while each Mac repairs will present a unique issue. Computer Repair of Temecula and Murrieta will always perform accidental damage far from other providers.


Computer Repair of Temecula will always do replacements better than any other provider. If a hard drive fails we can do a replacement with a large and even fast or even a solid SDD drive. Attempts can also be done to recover your lost data from the failed drive or even move data backup from time or any other back up drive or hard disk or SDD drive and later install it to your Mac computer. Your iMac, MacBook and, MacBook Pro.


We also perform Mac Air screen replacement service which we specialize in. When it is dropped, the Mac is likely to damage or break the screen. We will do such a service at a cheap price and our team perform it faster.

If you also own also own an older Mac whether is pre-sold Mac. Our team can do the repair. And we also do service cracked LCD screens and also do drive repairs and keyboard repairs HDD repairs.


We only use new and original parts which will make sure you get your quality replacement parts. We will ensure high and quality services for we are one of the trusted firm providing Mac repair services, whether you need repairs on Mac book Pro, Mac book air or power. We also offer hard ware solutions in mother board repair, battery replacements among others. We offer software solutions in virus removal and spy ware removal and also data recovery.


Always lie upon certified Mac repairs at Computer Repair of Temecula to assist you in fixing your computer in mind. We will always make sure we do fix your computer much faster and at the shortest time possible and we always be willing to answer your question and queries about the repair done by our technicians or any Mac performed issue by our highly qualified team which is qualified an certified to perform all Mac repairs for the Mac that has broken down. So always keep Computer Repair of Temecula in mind.



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