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In most situations in life, people need their backup. Look at Batman; he has Robin. Superman has Superwoman. The Joker has Harley Quinn. Who do you have? Well, when it comes to your technological backup needs, you have the experts at Computer Repair of Temecula. These days, people have their entire lives downloaded and saved on their computers. So there are many reasons why it is a good idea, and potentially a life saver, to have you computer backed up.

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Reason 1: Stuff happens.

It is a part of life. Right when we least expect it or need it to happen, our technology decides to wage a war against us. Computers crash. Motherboards malfunction. Files become corrupt. CPUs tap out. It is just a total computer apocalypse! Before you know it, all of your photos, documents, music, contacts, and files are gone. That is, unless you have your backup, of course.

Reason 2: Recovery is a you-know-what.

Recovery is just no fun. You have to give up a lot of time. You have to spend more money. Worst of all, recovering all of those lost files is sometimes impossible depending on what is wrong with your computer in the first place. Goodbye to those beautiful memories captured on your digital camera and transferred to your computer. Time to start all over on that lengthy novel you were so close to finishing. It is rough, and it has happened to the best of us. It does not have to happen to you, though.

Reason 3: Backing up your computer can protect you from theft.

Well, it does not completely protect you from theft. However, if someone gets greedy and decides to steal your laptop or your iPhone without you having all of your stuff backed up, the thief will have all of your important files. You will be left with nothing. If you have backups, it’s simple to restore your files to a new computer.

Reason 4: Backups can protect you from yourself.

We are all human. We all make mistakes. Sometimes, we hit the wrong button. It is an easy mistake to make. The buttons are all so close together. That Delete key in particular just works too darn well. Don’t let being human keep you from all of your important data and files.

Reason 5: Speaking of mistakes…

If you are a parent, a grandparent, a babysitter, or anyone else who has children around your stuff, things can get a little touchy. Kids love to play with things, especially things that do not belong to them. And these days, kids are drawn to technology like magnets. They don’t know what they’re doing; they just know that pressing random buttons is fun. Backup your technology to protect you from yourself and other people.


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